ESKADENIA Music Chamber

About Us

We will offer young & talented students the opportunity to explore their creative potential, get a head-start with music and become role models, with focus on the public schools. ESKADENIA Music Chamber has been hosted and located at “Al-Hussein Cultural Centre/Ras-Al-Ain”in the form of a teaching space, that will remain accessible to the school students who could not afford music teaching, in cooperation with the Madrasti initiative & the National Music Conservatory.

ESKADENIA Music Chamber

Board & Inspiration

Doha Abdelkhaleq, NaelSalah ,Al-Hussein Cultural Center , Madrasati and others by invitation. Doha has been the enthusiast force behind the inspiration of the ESKADENIA Music Chamber. Her leadership role as a Managing Partner & Co-founder of ESKADENIA Software and with the support of her long life time partner, the Managing Director of ESKADENIA Software Nael Salah; will sustain the Chamber, in order to fulfill it’s vision of bringing positive social change through the power of music. We seek to recognize self expression through the Joy of music.

ESKADENIA Music Chamber

Music Program & Plans

A music program is being offered free of charge to talents from the underprivileged school communities, in a safe after-school environment running five days per week. These children are provided high quality musical instructions and an instrument which they are taught to play, maintain and respect.

The academic year begins on January the 15th; accommodating 15-20 talents, the Chamber will operate with Novel programs offering instructions in: Piano and Oud.

* This Initiative is a sincere utilization of efforts, resources and engagement between ESKADENIA And the local community center “Al-Hussein Cultural Center, presented by it’s president Mr.Abdel Hadi Raji AlMajali who has graciously opened the center in order to reach out to the community’s national musical talents.

We do hope to bridge real talents with the national and International Conservatories, by documenting this musical progress towards larger goals (ex: joining the Orchestra). A thank you note to the Mayor of Amman Mr. Aqel Biltaji for hosting the donation.

Music Study
ESKADENIA Music Chamber


Lead by Music Instructor
Ms. Mirna Tarazi, Oud & Piano

ESKADENIA Music Chamber

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the program, volunteering, registering a child, or any other inquiries, we are glad to assist at:

Ms. Merna Tarzi
Music Instructor
Mobile: 077- 8283893

Ms. Laila Al Amari
Project Manager
Mobile: 077- 5791949